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Ultimate Home collection

Ultimate Home collection

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***NEW IN*** Ultimate Home Collection 🏠🏠

Sage stick ~ to clarify and dispurse any negativity in the home before placing your crystals 🕯
Large Rose quartz ~ for love within the home 🏡

Amethyst druzy ~ bringing calm into the home

Citrine druzy ~ bringing in abundance pop into the wealth corner 💸

Large Tourmaline ~ to place either at the front or back door to stop negativity from entering 🖤

2 x quartz points ~ for good health 💛

Selenite ~ connected to the moon, this raw stick not only charges your other crystals but helps unclog blockages (incredible for headaches and migranes) These are high vibration crystals, that aslo delivers clarity of the mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and etheric body

Angelite ~ invites angelic protection to dome over your roof and protect 🙏🏻 it brings a winged light energy to the home and around the home