Palo Santo Smudge Bundle 🕯🔮🏡

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Palo Santo Smudge Bundle 🕯🙏🏡

A beautifully arranged Lavender, Palo Santo and amethyst smudge bundle.

Palo Santo - Wood from the sacred Bursera Graveolens Tree, native to parts of South + Central America. The tree falls down naturally and as it lays the sap of the tree reveals itself through the body bringing its sacred smoke to us. Palo Santo grounds us, brings us back to our bodies, and creates a cleansed + safe space.

Lavender - A calming + peaceful energy, heart-opening + self-loving.

Each bundle is made to order with great soul & intention of you.

If you are ordering this with a specific need & intention for yourself or a loved one, please message me about your intent - your dreams, your manifestations, what you want to get rid of - so that I can charge your bundle with it's healing purpose