Labradorite 🌈💙💚💜

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ğŸ’œğŸ’ŽğŸ’š Labradorite ğŸ’šğŸ’ŽğŸ’œ

A highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises conciousness and connects with universal energies. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage, forming a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy. Banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris from previous disappointments, inc those experienced in past lives.
Calms and overactive mind and energizes the immagination bringing up new ideas. A useful companion used through chang, imparting strength and perserverence.

Healing ~ treats disorders to the eyes and brain, relieves stress and regulates metabolism. Treats colds and rheumatisim, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension anf lowers blood pressure.