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Crystal Masterclass
Crystal Masterclass
Crystal Masterclass

Crystal Masterclass

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Part 1 will include
• What are crystals and how do they work?
• What is an aura and hoe does the energy affect you?       
• Top 5 must have crystals
• Implementing crystals into your lifestyle to get what you want in life
• Cleansing & charging your crystals & its importance
• Q&A

Part 2 will include
• What is Spiritual & Crystal healing?
• Ramping up your energy.
• Altered mental state healing
• The chakras
• Choosing the right crystals
• Creating your zen within your home
• Q&A & Conclusion

These can be purchased through the webshop in the next coming days either individually or together. You will be then guided into a group where there will be support before, during and after courses. The first section of the course will be announced soon 🔮💎🔮

* Second course will be available to purchase after launch of the first section

Crystal Masterclass