Crystal Chipped Bracelets

Crystal Chipped Bracelets

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Lapis Lazuli - promotes power, wisdom, royalty and allows to Express feelings

Carnelian - promotes grounding, stimulates creativity, motivates success

Red Aventurine - promotes a stone of manifestation

Opalite - highly energetic, remove blockages in chakra, subtle Crystal

Tigers Eye - Protector, attracts good luck, dispels fear, mental clarity

Smokey Quartz - protective and grounding, elevates moods, relieves stress, fear and jealousy

Labradorite - mystical and protective, calms an overactive mind and energises the imagination

Mookaite - promotes focus and grounding

Ocean Jasper - promotes strength, allows you to overcome challenges, gives you inner strength

Jade - Blesses all that it touches, promotes calm, abundance as well as a very protective stone

Rhodochrosite - enhances spirituality, expands consciousness and manifestation

Rhodonite - brings emotional healing, releases blockages, brings calm, elegance and self confidence