A Beautys Self Love – The Crystal Faery
A Beautys Self Love
A Beautys Self Love
A Beautys Self Love

A Beautys Self Love

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This beautifully gift wrapped gift set comes complete with our gorgeous Aurora's Kiss Beauty salts and our Happily Ever After Candle.


This Crystal Infused bath soak has been designed around beauty, lust and desire and includes herbs, essential oils, sea salt and epsom salt to relax,
soothe and beautify the body. Jasmine, Rose and lavender are herbs known for beauty and sexual desire along with invoking love. A Rose Quartz included
which is connected to the year Chakra and
love energy and will charge your salts ready for the perfect beauty soak.

These come in 250g jar complete with salt

*** Please pop notes in your order if your allergic to any of the herbs or oils so these can removed as made to order.



Made with rose, vanilla lavender and orchid 🌺topped with Rose quartz ⚘made with soya, essential oils, flowers and crystals 💎 with a sprinkle of faerie magick dusting 💫

A Beautys Self Love