💕 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection 💕

💕 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection 💕

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💕 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection 💕

In Appreciation of all our incredible fighters 

of breast cancer each collection purchased will

have 10% of the sale donated to breast cancer awareness.


is a well-known crystal to help the body back to a state of health and normalcy, especially from a bout with cancer.  Worn as a pendant, it could certainly send its energies to her throughout the day, close to her body.  As a cluster, Amethyst would also make a great piece for her room.  Amethyst carries a high spiritual vibration, making it excellent for all types of crisis


Rose Quartz is the premier Heart and Higher Heart Chakra, with a strong influence on the breast area.  This soothing but powerful healing crystal, Rose Quartz is most commonly associated with unconditional love.  While this is true and certainly helpful to those with cancer, Rose Quartz also carries the physical healing property of absorbing negative energies from the body, making it perfect for body layouts.  Emotionally, Rose Quartz offers its high healing vibration to assist one in working through all types of grief.


A crystal of protection and removing the body of old unwanted energies. A great crystal to work with whilst cleansing the aura


for its master healer vibration and its ability to focus and amplify ones healing intent.  Clear Quartz can be used with any other crystals to greatly amplify those energies.  The most important property of Clear Quartz for your friend is its ability to work on all levels of being.  As most diseases begin as a disruption of vibrational energy, Clear Quartz can work on this level while effecting the physical energies simultaneously.  Clear Quartz functions as an excellent energy cleanser, which will help maintain a clear energy field as the body fights the cancer.