I Love Me

Hey Girl!

Are you tired of your self critical thoughts & feelings that your not good enough?
Do you feel you have to settle for less rather than what you truly desire?
Do you struggle self-love, confidence or body love?

Then Girl you are in the right place!!

I know what it is like to struggle to love and accept yourself.
To just settle for that mediocre career, relationship, foods or friends.
To hold you back from your true desires, because lets face it why do I deserve it?

As a woman you are born to shine!

Your are born to magnetise your desires with ease & grace!

You are born to experience pleasure and feel a thousand percent gorgeous and happy with who you are. You are born to be a queen who knows her value and creates her dreams.

You just have to learn how unlock the self-love and worthiness inside of you.

This is why The Crystal Faery have teamed up with Soul Societé, a Mindset and Manifestation Coach to bring you a beautiful 7 week digital package.

In side this 7 week digital Package you will learn...

>> How to kick start your morning routine with a positive mindset setting you up for the day ahead

>> How to dispel negative energies, freeing energy blockages within you mind to allow you to make room for self loving and worthiness thoughts.

>> Attracting in money through manifestation

>> How to actually make time for YOU to do the things you love

>> How to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine, giving you more motivation and lessen your chances of burnout

>> How to work the magic with crystals - their benefits and setting intentions

The list is endless!!

Be prepared to uplevel your life with our 7 week digital programme. You will receive 2 emails a week packed full of challenges, audios, videos, mediations and downloadables all to do at your own pace


Not only do you get all the above but as a Founding Member you will also receive..

>> FREE access to our FB group when you will get to connect with other high vibing women, as well as get prompts and a weekly Q&A with one of our co hosts to answer any of your questions

>> Plus, we have teamed up with 14 other businesses to give you discounts, free access to courses and a 2/3 day live yoga video series which will then be sent direct to you to keep.

This package is worth £199+ but we wanted to create this to impact and help as many women as possible!

So as a Founding Member you will be able to access all of this with just 1 simple small payment of just 


What are you waiting for? Simply tap the link below