Crystal Cleansing Pack 🙏💫🙏💫

Crystal Cleansing Pack 🙏💫🙏💫

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I get asked alot " How do I cleanse my crystals?" 

So I have put together this fantastic value pack to enable you to rid your crystals of any unwanted energies, or to cleanse them when you feel that they need a boost

This pack contains the following items:

1 x White Sage incense Pack

1 x Wooden Incense Holder 

1 x Palo Santo

 1 x Carnelian Crystal 

 1 x Selenite

1 x Lavender bag

1 x Velvet Bag  

Smudging is a great way to cleanse your crystals especially using white sage and Palo Santo

Another way is Lavender ~ so you can drop you crystals into the pure high grade lavender for a recharge

Selenite is a crystal known to help cleanse your crystals 

Carnelian is another great crystal for cleansing other crystals so pop your crystals with either the carnelian or selenite into the velvet bag for a natural cleanse