💕 Crystal Faery's Wellbeing Bundle 💕

💕 Crystal Faery's Wellbeing Bundle 💕

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💕 Crystal Faery's Wellbeing Bundle 💕

This Beautiful Bundle comprises of 4 Beautiful crystals to help you throughout the darkest of days along with its very own pouch.

💜 Amethyst 💜

Amethyst has an amazing ability to amplify the power and energy of other crystals. It works well in conjunction with others—so you can use it with the three other crystals on this list for double the benefits. It’s great for overall protection, as well as physical, emotional, and mental balance. It helps with decision making, moving forward in life, and coping with responsibility and change. As far as mental health goes, amethyst can really help with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and with anger or violent tendencies. It calms nerves, passion, oversensitivity, grief, tension, and emotional energy. This makes it ideal for people who have unbalanced emotions, tempers, or are going through a rough time. 

💎 Smokey Quartz 💎

It is believed that quartz neutralizes energy, bringing balance within the body of the wearer. These beliefs are appealing to people suffering from mental strain, stress, illness, and excessive empathy. Smokey quartz stabilizes internal energy and is extremely grounding, making it a very useful tool for those that work in the professions that treat ailments of the mind, body, and spirit. All forms of quartz are most efficient as grounding and anchoring tools. Quartz successfully treats depression, fatigue, stress, and fever. It has also been known to successfully treat addictions, obsessions, and overactive minds. Smokey quartz gently reminds us to let go of energy that no longer serves a purpose. For the mind, smokey quartz is a mood elevator. It is positive in polarity and promotes clear insight and pragmatic thinking, while enhancing security, safety, bringing emotional calm and removing fear.

🐯 Tiger's Eye 🐯

Tiger’s eye is yet another wonderful stone for various mental health issues. It can be used to battle against poor self-esteem, as well as mood swings. Tiger’s eye is known for its stabilizing power, making it the perfect companion stone for those struggling with mood swings.

☀️ Citrine ☀️

Citrine is associated with strength and healing, for both the body and mind. It can offer good mental health as it clears the mind and gets the soul into action. This little ray of sunshine will also bring warmth, light and joy on the darkest of days. The beautiful merchants stone.