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Time to clear out

February 3rd the mark of the mid way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox known as Imbolc

One of the most favourite festivals out there for pagans. Candles are lit for Brigidthe goddess of inspiration, wells, the sacred flame and healing, and pagans will be honouring this festival, with light. 

This is a perfect time to prepare for the spring and new possibilities that lies ahead. This time of year you'll notice the days are getting longer and although still very crisp and cold, we get to see more sunshine and blue skies.

So I understand your thinking "Why am I bringing this up now?" 3 days later than the day its celebrated! Well this is because you still have time to start. Along with the goddess Brigid, Imbolc is the time of the year where you can begin making plans and creating dreams.  If you want to plan a vacation or start a business, it is absolutely the perfect time of year to start looking up holidays and looking into the perfect logo. 

If your like me, which im sure you all are reading this, and have a love for your crystals, energies and aura, then nows the time to carry out a "home blessing" or a "flame of inspiration". Heres some inspiration.....

Home Blessing

Start by giving your home a clean "spring clean" as we all know. Organise messy spaces and donate any unwanted clothing, toys etc to charity. You can even replace the items if you choice, but this really is down to you. 

My preferred method next is to smudge my home and banish all negative energies. This is a simple routine to be performed.

You will need, a candle, fireproof container or abalone shell, your herbs of choice (sage being the most common one) and matches or lighter. Place all your items onto the table or appropiate surface. 

Light the candle and either say a prayer or focus all your energy. Light the tip of the sage and wave the stick around the air until it starts to smoulder. Keep the fireproof container underneath the herbs at all times.

Focus on your breathing and walk around your home clockwise, starting from the front door. Spend more time in the corners of the rooms as these tend to hold stagnant energies and dont forget to open any cupboard doors. You may like to say allowed your intention, for example...

    I release all things from my past year that has              caused any negative attachment. I prepare and            welcome new changes, new lessons and new              adventures. I welcome new opportunities to grow        emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

After this ensure to finish back at the front door and extinguish the stick. Another simple routine is to perform...

A flame of inspiration 

All you will need is a bunch of candles, pen and paper, fireproof bowl and long stemmed matches.

Write down every negative thoughts you have about being a creative person. For example "Creativity doesnt come easy to me" get everything off of your chest and on to the paper. Once your satisified, pop the piece of paper into the fireproof bowl or caldron and light it. Use the fire to light the match then in turn light the candles saying aloud a positive statement about yourself. For example "I love to write". Allow the momentum of the positive thoughts lead you to generate new ideas and protects.

Try to do one of these rituals before the 15th of the month when we see our NEW MOON as this will be the next steps to planning ahead. 

Thankyou all for reading 

The Crystal Faery 

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