New Moon In Aquarius

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New Moon 21:05  Partial Solar Eclipse 20:51

New Moon energy promotes strong new beginnings,  good growth and is a potent time for stimulating new beginnings in our lives. By being clear about what we'd like to harvest and by planting our metaphorical seeds at the right time, we can manifest our dreams. 

It is important to accept our reality as it is and then use the magnetic power of receptivity to attract our desires to us. This process is heart and feeling based so once your wish has been written, check in with your intuition to assess whether it feels right. If it doesnt feel right, change the wording or maybe change the wish altogether.

A few tips for New Moon wishing 🌙

• Most potent time to make your wishes is up to 8 hours after the time of the New moon, however can be made up to 48 hours later.

• Keep repeating wishes until they become true. 

• State wishes in positive terms and be extremely clear about your intention.

• You can write more than 1 wish but less than 10, although its very potent to create a number of wishes for one area rather than several.

• Write down your wishes every new moon as some will be more potent for you than others. Depending on your individual astrological birth chart. If you wish at every new moon, you will be certain to catch the most potent times for you.

Once youve written your wishes burn the piece of paper under the new moon 🌙

Aquarius the year ahead ♒

It is February, July and August that this years solar and lunar eclipses, which have your sign in their direct line of sight, are again likely to instigate the crisis that stimulate you to start asking some BIG questions and if necessary, make some BIG changes. 

Fiery, energising Mars is spending an unusually long time in your sign this year; from May until Mid November it ferments your Aquarius nature, arousing anger and desire, getting you well and truly going in your fervent desire to discover the truth and to fight for reasonable equality. It is time to take a leading role in a quest to reveal what is going on behind scenes - foundations need to be checked! 

Follow the yearning to retreat from activities that have become stale so that you can meditate on what has heretofore been lacking from your life. The intangible, soulful realms are calling you and you need time to reflect on the past and acquire wisdom to add to all your information. 

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