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So you may have recently noticed The Crystal Faery’s new business venture with BeWater, and wondered why your fruit infused, herbal, ionised water is no longer THE trend to be in on right now.

But the truth is: crystal infused water (AKA crystal elixir) has been around for like, ever! And it’s only because of these fairly new bottles that people seem to be getting in on the healing power.

So what’s the deal with having rocks in your H2O? So the techy science behind it really is quite simple. All matter in the world - me, you, your bathtub, your hairbrush - has an electromagnetic charge and they all vibrate. And this is most true for our crystals. We have all picked up a quartz piece and felt the vibrations right? So whilst we can benefit from the healing charges from crystals by simply holding them, what better way to really enhance that power by putting these in something that conducts? And guess what….. Water is an excellent conductor!

So by placing crystals in water, you are allowing the charge from these crystals to vibrate into your water, which you then drink!

Ok, so why not just plonk your Citrine in your pint glass and chug? Well, that’s because crystals have varying density, and harsh water can break down your crystals! And we certainly don’t want your favourite crystal to fade away do we?

BeWater bottles contain a chamber in which sits a collection of crystals. These crystals are held in spring water, so there is no risk of them breaking down inside the chamber. The beautiful bottle is then used like any regular water receptacle, but with the added benefits of crystal charges.

The Crystal Faery stocks a variety of these glass bottles, all of which hold different crystals for different charged effects:

· BePower: Courage (carnelian) Vitality (magnesite, red jasper) Liberty (obsidian) Positive (fluorite)

· BeMagic: Vision (dumortierite) Clarity (amethyst) For kids (red jasper, sodalite, tiger’s eye, green and yellow adventurine) Fresh (peridot)

· BeJoy: Awareness (sodalite) Elements (ocean agate, amethyst, fossil wood, rose quartz, chalcedony) Balance (amazonite) Abundance (citrine)

· BeLove: Glow (rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine quartz) Harmony (rose quartz, rock quartz) Passion (garnet) Compassion (lapis lazuli, aura quartz)

And with all crystals, these can be cleansed and recharged in the normal ways – new moons, smudging etc.

So, what if you don’t want to drink charged water, can you still gain the benefits in a similar way? Yes! You absolutely can. And that’s by bathing with your crystals.

Here is where we go back to the science part in that water is a conductor - and guess what humans are made up of – that’s right! 70% water. And what’s more is that charges from one body of water flow into another body of water with minimum effort.

So what I recommend, is choosing the crystals you want to benefit from, and popping them inside a flannel, or a muslin bag, alongside some Himalayan or Epsom salts, and some fresh or dried lavender. Pop this under a running tap, and let the crystals and salts create you the most wonderful healing and relaxing bath ever.

Better still - grab one of our gorgeous bath bags..... all ready to go!

Just ensure that you dry your crystals once you have finished in your goddess bath, and cleanse them as you would normally. Also be careful if you use bath products that contain strong chemicals. Maybe save your crystal baths for when you just want to soak, and not when you need to wash your beautiful mane and shave your legs.

Much love 

Gem xx 

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