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Welcome to becoming a Crystal & Wicca Guru

Hello and Welcome to the Crystal                        Faery Blog

Today, crystals & herbalism is becoming more & more popular, especially in the celebrity world!

But what draws you to crystals? 

• Is it the visual look of a crystal? The fact that its pretty & will look incredible next to that beautiful lamp you brought in Laura Ashley? 

• Or is it down to the energies & vibrations you find flow through your crystals & aura?

I find since releasing my crystal shop & support group that a lot of customers go for the pretty crystals & dont necessarily understand the first thing about what they have to do with them or how they can generate a more happier lifestyle! 

But, this is why it was essential for me to create this blog. To help guide you into everything you need to know about crystals, chakras, herbalism, meditation & spells. To help support & uplift anyone who would like to bring zen into their home, or to help use all these products to help with self healing. 

Each of my blogs will come complete with guidance, tasks, recommendations & affirmations to help create a better you!

So lets get started. Repeat the following affirmation aloud 5 times to set yourself up ready for the journey im about to take you on.

    "This is a new day. I begin anew & claim & create           all that is good, and so it is".

With love

The Crystal Faery



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  • Beautiful way to start my day, thank k you for the blog.

    • Janet